Rinehart RhinoBlock

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Rinehart RhinoBlock

Denne sendes som egen kolli på 390,- som tilkommer i tillegg hvis man bestiller sammen med andre varer.


This versatile Rinehart RhinoBlock target has six unique sides to shoot at, ideal for every type of practice. Two sides of the cube display a textured, life-like 3-D deer target zone — one displaying outlined vital areas of a deer, and the other detailing an anatomically correct display of a deer’s organs. The other four faces of the target are comprised of Rinehart’s signature, highly visible target zones — allowing shooters to continue practicing even in low light conditions. Two of these sides consist of twelve smaller zones for consistent arrow shooting and placement, while the final two sides feature one large target zone for honing, surrounded by four smaller zones.


Vekt 9 kg
Dimensjoner 17 × 17 × 14 cm