Hamskea Arrow Rest Versa MicroTune

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The Versa Rest can be configured multiple ways to accommodate your individual shooting style and/or preferences. The Versa Rest can be configured for:
•Top Limb Actuated (standard)
•Bottom Limb Actuated
•Cable Actuated
•Cable Fall Away
•Cable Slide Fall Away
•Fixed Position/Blade
•Adjustable Spring Tension Mode

The Versa Rest comes with all the hardware to configure your rest any way you choose and includes three launcher blade options standard! A .012 Stainless Spring Steel Wide Blade Launcher, and a .012 Stainless Spring Steel Narrow Blade Launcher for the fixed position. In addition, it comes with the Contoured Accu-Guide Launcher, which is a rigid launcher that can be used for target, 3D or hunting. The Contoured launcher comes with a custom, pre-cut felt piece for ultra quite performance while hunting.

Integrated into the design is the ability to adjust the angle of the launcher blade’s up position and down or stop position. Two set screws in the body of the rest along with stack washers set these angles. If you like your launcher at a low angle, remove the factory installed washer and the angle will be lowered. If you like a steeper launcher angle, add washers to create the desired angle. Many times launchers slam into the bow riser causing additional launcher bounce and noise. The Versa Rest second set screw allows you to set the stop position of the launcher eliminating the bounce. No other rest on the market gives you this custom flexibility. In addition, the launchers can be positioned left to right on the shaft using the multiple mounting hole positions, allowing you to make large windage adjustments.

One common problem with mechanical rests is the launcher can bounce up into the path of the arrow. The Versa Rest employs a patent pending in-line spring mounted to the limb clamp that minimizes this effect. This in-line spring also acts like a shot absorber and reduces the force of the impact that the limb imparts on the rest as the launcher slams into the stop position. The in-line spring ensures many years of consistent and reliable performance from the Versa Rest.

Often times, rests have cantilevered designs which will have increased play as they wear down over time, and accuracy is only as good as your equipment’s repeatability. The Versa Rest employs an End-2-End (E2E) design which captures the outboard end of the shaft, driving the affects of bearing wear to almost zero. The stainless steel bearings ensure a smooth “Swiss watch” type action and the full capture design of the outer bearing results in Zero Tolerance Technology (ZT2). The “C” clamp compression lever arm design and the octagon shaft allow for repeatable attachment with zero slip; another example of Zero Tolerance Technology (ZT2).

If that wasn’t enough, the Versa Rest I-beam design is proven to be the strongest and lightest on the market today. This feature also allows for the integration of a rear rubber arrow guide that ensures the launcher will pick up your arrow every time you draw your bow.


After three years of prototypes and development, trials at the Las Vegas Archery Festival in 2011 resulting in an appearance in the Men’s Pro Shoot down round, a prefect field round to its credit and multiple successful field tests, Hamskea Archery Solutions is proud to introduce the Versa Rest (patent pending). The Hamskea Versa Rest is a versatile and configurable rest. Attention to detail was applied to every aspect of the design resulting in a rest that is built like a Panzer tank yet performs like a fine Swiss watch! Our design focused approach led to an End-2-End (E2E) sealed stainless bearing containment system and Zero Tolerance Technology (ZT2) that takes advantage of state of the art machining processes. These design elements result in a rest that maximizes your accuracy!


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