Compound Bow Diamond Infinite 305 compound buepakke

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Compound bow package from Diamond.

Key features:

  • Highly adjustable design ideal for beginners and growing archers.
  • Easy adjustment without the need for a bowpress.
  • Package of accessories included – just add arrows.

Package includes: 3 pin tundra sight, Hostage XL arrow rest, Deadlock Lite Octrane Quiver, D-loop, wrist sling, 5″ stabilizer.

Technical specifications:

Mass Weight 1497 gram
Factory Speed 305 fps
Axle to Axle 32 inch
Brace Height 7.25 inch
Let-off % 77 %
Included Accessories Quiver, 3-pin sight, 5” stabilizer, full containment arrow rest, wrist sling, peepsight and d-loop


Vekt 2 kg
Dimensjoner 98 × 46 × 15 cm