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The Ice Vane’s durability and tight groupings make it well-suited to compound target archery


The Ice Vane’s durability and tight groupings make it well-suited to compound target archery. Dimensions: 76.2mm long x 7.62mm high
This vane is available 36 and 100 packs in the following colours: Black, White, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Hot Pink, Red, Purple, Blue and Neon Red
Recommendations for use of the Ice Vane per Pierre-Julien, Dominique, and Sebastien:

Best fletched at offset of 1 or 1.5 ᵒ : provides best grouping, avoids impact upon release and tearing upon contact with target
Best with use of heavy and thin shafts such as Easton X10 Protour, Carbon Express Nano Pro, etc., or by using a field point of at least 110 grains
Fletching is easy with the Ice Vane: Pierre-Julien uses Blazer Bond and has never lost any vanes, with or without wraps, even when arrow passed through the target
Summary: The Ice Vanes’ advantage is with compound archery because of its durability (maintains its shape), accuracy, design and the confidence obtained using it. According to Pierre-Julien, this vane is of “the best material (he has) ever shot”.

The new Bohning Ice Vanes have been developed in cooperation and used by the renowned French archers Pierre-Julien Deloche and Dominique Genet. The Ice Vane is currently used by top French archer Sebastien Peineau as well. The three mentioned archers have tested the vane in multiple weather conditions with a variety of equipment configurations. Pierre-Julien and Sebastien have been using the vanes in competitions already and this is generating a lot of “buzz” about the vanes, but until now neither they nor Bohning has officially released information about the vanes.


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