AccuBow Archery Training Device Accubow 2.0

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  • Archery Training Device developed to closely replicate the feel and effects of shooting an actual bow.
  • Suitable for everyone from beginner to professional.
  • Train for strength, accuracy, stability and against target panic – anywhere and at any time.
  • Foldable limb design for easy storage and transportation.
  • Resistance dials can be adjusted top and bottom.
  • Adjustable draw weight from 10-70lbs.
  • Integrated laser sight.
  • Band features a real bowstring centre for accurate anchor and d loop.
  • Phone mount included for use with AccuBow App.
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • App for Android and Apple simulates a range of shooting situations.


Vekt 2 kg
Dimensjoner 98 × 46 × 15 cm