12 stk Beiter Nocks For D-Loop In-Out 2X2 for ACE Hunter

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•In-out design provides additional protection to the nock end of your shaft.
•Each nock has only one single mould for the tightest tolerances and the highest precision.
•Nock grove shaped to to prevent pinching the string for a consistant release.
•Simple to install with an easy push-fit design.
•Symmetrical design ideal for use when shooting with a D-loop.
•Type: In-out nock.
•Size: 4.25mm
•Groove Size: Large (2)
•Weight: 8.46grns
•Compatability: ACE, NAV 1000-810, X-pert 1040-980, McKinney II 850-1050, ACG 1500-1150, CarbonOne 1150-1000,


In-out fit nock from Beiter.


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Dimensjoner8 × 4 × 2 cm

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