Spigarelli Revolution Recurve

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The Spigarelli Revolution handle is popular among archers who want to shoot something different. The Revolution is available in two models: Target and Barebow (FITA legal). Both models are suitable for target and barebow archery, the barebow version is approximately 150gr heavier. The 3 CNC plates with built in dampers, wooden grip, integral magnetic rest and metal blade clicker certainly make it stand out on the shooting line. As with all Spigarelli equipment this is a well made riser. The Revolution is constructed from a lamination of riser segments with integral damping system, providing maximum stability with minimum vibration. Available in a 25 inch model in a RH and LH version, the Revolution features a Limb Alignment System, 10% Weight Adjustment, Tiller Adjustment, Vibration Damper System, Clicker Extension, 2 positions for central stabilizer and comes with a wooden grip and the new Z/T (zero tolerance) rest.

•Full adjustment for Limb Alignment
•International limbs pockets (ILF)
•Includes Z/T (zero tolerance) rest
•Includes tiller and draw weight
•Wooden grip
•Riser length: 25″
•Weight 25″: 1200 gr



Spigarelli is a manufacturer that consistently comes up with products that push the boundaries, from one of the first CNC handles ever, to magnetic rests and clickers, tabs and much more.


Vekt 1.3 kg
Dimensjoner 67 × 15 × 8 cm

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