Ragim Bow White Tiger 60”

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White Tiger is a superb elegance recurve one-piece bow, which provides out excellent performance. The rounded shape and very comfortable central body fits easy the hand of the archer. It has a window relatively short for a best use in the field shot 3D. The lamination design and the combination of the wood’s colours makes this bow unique for refinement. The combination of the clear fibreglass with the carbon layers and the high quality of the wood, gives good performances. It is possible to use every kind of string, thanks to the tip in phenolic material bicoloured.

•Length 60”
•Weights 25 to 60# (increments 5 lbs)
•RH or LH
•String included



Ragim Bow White Tiger 60”


Vekt 3 kg
Dimensjoner 150 × 15 × 10 cm

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