Prime Compound Bow Centergy X-1 39 kun 1stk grønn igjen

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Compound bow from Prime.

Key features:

    • Torque reducing grip position.
    • Easy tune design.
    • Grip placed ,centrally in the vertical plane of the bow, to ,hugely alter the balance of the bow above and below the grip and give radically improved aim.
    • Design hugely reduces pin movement keeping you steadier on the target.
    • Changed weight distribution, with more weight of the bow below the grip, making the ,bow easier to control.
    • Available in selected draw lengths as standard. For other drawlengths buy the correct module.


Axle to Axle35 inch
Mass Weight2041 grams
Brace Height6.00 inch
Factory Speed338 fps
Cam TypeTRK
Poundage Max60 lbs
Let-off % Max85.00 %
Material82X Aluminium


Vekt2 kg
Dimensjoner98 × 46 × 15 cm

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