Kinetic Mirage pakke

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The Mirage from Kinetic is a compound bow that fits the beginner to the competitive intermediate archer.

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•Kinetic Compound Bow Mirage
•Carbon compound Target sikte
•Peep m/strikk
•Nock loop
•Compound gaffel-pilhylle
•Avalon Classic compoundveske
•Allen Caliper Release
•Avalon Tec One feltkogger med belte
•12 stk Easton Powerflight komplette piler m/spiss

This bow is a 31″ axle – axle but when drawn it is 32″ from top to bottom cam, because of the large cam design that maximizes string angle for a more comfortable shooting position and increased accuracy.
It’s 25″ long extrusion aluminium riser gives the bow the stability it needs for that steady and consistent shot. The split limbs are made of high modulus US Gordon fiber.
A 7″ brace height will be more forgiving for that starting archer.
Nine anodized target colors and three dipped versions are available in poundage ranges from 30Lbs-55Lbs.
With its rotating module the Kinetic Mirage is adjustable from 24″ till 30″ draw length with a solid draw stop. This cam offers 70-75% let-off.


Vekt 5 kg
Dimensjoner 98 × 46 × 15 cm

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