Hushpuk Oval UTGÅR

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• Original oval shape is great for solid limb compound, recurve, and crossbows
• Low profile multi-use vibration dampener
• Efficient noise suppressor
• Selective high frequency dampener
• Removable and repositionable
• Size: 1.125″ horizontal width X 1.375″ vertical height
• Approximately 63-65 grains
• Low weight to mass ratio
• 2 per pack

Installation Instructions:

Thoroughly clean the area to be applied with denatured alcohol and let air dry completely.
Remove paper backing and apply HUSHPUK to desired location.
Simply peel off HUSHPUK and reposition for optimal performance.
If HUSHPUK loses adhesiveness, wipe clean with denatured alcohol and let dry completely.
Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme heat and direct sunlight.
Avoid prolonged exposure to rain and harsh elements.



Whether you are using a long bow, recurve bow, compound bow, or crossbow, HUSHPUK© will work for you. With its exclusive sticky backing, HUSHPUK© will adhere to your bow, and will not move unless you choose to do so, delivering less noise, shock and string jump – all resulting in more comfort, confidence and complete vibration management. The HUSHPUK® is designed to affix to any location on the bow, including all accessories, sights, cams, rests, etc. The HUSHPUK® works great on crossbows! Reduce noise and vibration! Apply HUSHPUK® to game calls such as rattling devices and slate calls to increase tonal dimension and add realism to your calling sequences. Our special Polymer material allows HUSHPUK® to stick securely to the bow surface, with the additional advantage of being repositionable without losing sticking strength. No other dampening product can duplicate this performance.


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Dimensjoner 10 × 10 × 4 cm

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