Hoyt Compound Bow Ventum 33 2021

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  • Versatile 33” axle to axle length.
  • High performance Aluminium TEC riser.
  • HBX three track cam system with a single cam size for all draw lengths.
  • Two different modules ensure optimal performance at each draw length.
  • In-built let-off adjustment for 80 or 85%.
  • Bow press free adjustment.
  • Vibration killing design for optimal performance, no hand shock, and a quiet shot.
  • Spacer system allows for precision tuning on both top and bottom cam.
  • Dovetail integration for QAD Rest.
  • Included Pic Rail mount allows for mounting a compatible sight in line with the bow for improved shot balance and reduced weight.
  • Short Stop Stabilizer comes with the bow, and in low mounting position gives the stability of a longer stabilizer.
  • Please note bows ship with one module only – choose the correct draw length range for your needs. Module can also be purchased seperately.


Mass Weight 2132 gram
Axle to Axle 33 inch
Factory Speed 334 fps
Poundage Max 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80 lbs
Brace Height 6.38 inch
Let-off % Max 85 %
Material Aluminium
Cam Type HBXVersatile 33” axle to axle length.