Doinker Stabilizer Platinum Hi-Mod

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The Doinker Platinum Hi-Mod is an advanced tournament stabilizer which makes it the choice of Top Pro-Archers world wide.



Due to its Ultra-Stiff High Modulus Carbon rods this stabilizer is not only able to transfer the residual energy left over from the shot efficiently to the end of the stabilizer, but it also holds 15+ ounces of weight with little flex in the carbon rod. At the distal end the energy is absorbed by the minimal flex of the weights via its removable, fully adjustable, 1-1/8” Doinker Supreme. All of this while keeping wind drag down to a minimum with its .750 thousands of an inch outside diameter carbon rod. Other features of the Doinker Platinum Hi-Mod stabilizer include: a complete set of the low profile, one ounce increment stainless steel 421 Weights, a Doinker thumb spur hole at the base of the stabilizer to help assist in a solid connection to the bow/mount and the Doinker thumb Spur tool. (Thumb Spur tool included on front stabilizers only).

10″ 10.6oz

12″ 10.9oz

15″ 11.5oz

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Vekt 0.7 kg
Dimensjoner 39 × 7 × 7 cm

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