Cartel Longbow Traditional DLX Viper-Rosewood

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The Viper Deluxe encompasses the same custom looks as the Viper but with one special difference. The Deluxe uses exotic woods to offer a truly rich look and feel about it. Comes with a leather grip. Deluxe is a very smooth bow to shoot.


•Brace Height: 8″
•AMO length: 68″
•Draw weights: 30lbs to 60lbs (with 5 lbs. increments)
•Dacron Bowstring
•Leather Grip
•Available in RH and LH.
•Riser is a rich wood with shades of grey
•Limbs are of wood laminations and black fibreglass and reinforced limb tip overlays


Vekt1 kg
Dimensjoner173 × 21 × 8 cm

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