Arc Systeme Release l’Attendu Brass

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Arc Systeme Release l’Attendu Brass



•Material available: anodized aluminium 7075, polished brass.
•Two sizes of drawing thumb.
•Stainless steel machined head and magnetised.
•Micrometric and measurements, magnetised, stainless steel 65HRC.
•Advanced ergonomics, based on BT4, and corrected.
•Weight : Aluminium 54 gr / 1,9 oz – Brass 127 gr / 4,5 oz.
•Laser engraving.
•Storage bag.
•CNC machined, hand finishing, made in France.

L’Attendu is made of high quality aluminium 7075 series, which provides a superior finish, that includes anodizing and durability. The Brass version is 2.5 times heavier than the aluminium one. The oxidizing power provides a better grip of the skin on the metal for a relaxed hand and it balanced forces between front and back archer’s shoulders. This weight is a first step for a smooth and repeatable shooting style. Thanks to these high quality materials, this release undergoes less deformations by the draw. Hardened steel mechanism is topped by a new stainless steel head. They improved their plans with a high speed camera to make this association the best for this archer’s tool. The BT4 receives an educational mission to learn back tension shooting technic. L’Attendu is a pure instrument of accuracy, smooth and relaxed style. Axles and forces has been tested, many times, with many different prototypes. Comfort minimize energy to draw the bow, make aiming easier and soften the shoot.

ollaboration started with the BT4 first back tension release aid between Arc Système and PJ Deloche, French team member and number 1 ranked archer in the World from 2013 to 2015. The BT4 has won many records and titles. The l’Attendu was born as the legitimate and ambassador heir of the Prestige by AS line. The back tension release system is a rotation of the hinge around the main cam. Axles and forces have been studied and tested the last two years thanks to new technologies. Arc Système was looking for comfort and a high quality product to fit every archers’ accuracy and demand. The l’Attendu kicks off the new Arc Système product line!


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Dimensjoner 15 × 13 × 8 cm

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